My adventure with sport started since my childhood. The wasted nights with the NBA League and the amazing Michael Jordan had the pitch calling me every day. The love of basketball went to boxing and then to “iron sport”. In a year and a half I grew by 25 kilos and changed my figure completely.

Unfortunately, the overzealous and technically devastating weightlifting ended in a fatal injury and exclusion from training. After the lead, I returned to sports, this time it was kickboxing. Liters of spilled sweat stopped another injury. Unfortunately, crazy stretching like Van Damme films is not a wise idea.

A heart to sport but without a head does not lead to the tops,

that’s why I came back to the gym again in 2009 with a bodybuilding instructor course. Leading Polish and European players have passed a specific dose of knowledge. Following the blow, training and nourishing like bodybuilding contestants, I could enjoy a great look but it was not exactly what I wanted. Stiffness and weak dynamics were the dark side of bodybuilding training. Today I know that to develop you can not be constrained. Yoga, jogging, rolling, TRX, weights, machines and many more are great tools that develop us to be strong and really fit.

Professional literature and completed courses in the field of weightlifting, increasing mobility, diagnostics and working with postural defects, rolling or feeding in sport have given me a wide picture of work on the body that she uses at home and under her care. I believe that it is a profession where passion is the key. It is she who gives us the stimulus for continuous development and the willingness to help others.

I will be happy to help you

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